2 YEAR WARRANTY - Builds 120+

Your watch is backed by our 2 year (24 month) warranty. This warranty begins the day the watch is deemed delivered to you. Since we operate a made to order business model we can’t just ship out a new watch if yours has an issue.  

We stand by our craftsmanship - If there are any functional issues within 24 months just send an email to Create@makerwatchcompany.com with some pictures and details on the issue and we’ll assess and provide corrective next steps within 10 business days. 

Functional Issues Covered Under Warranty:

  • Front or back glass, movement, hands displacement

  • Case separation from frame

  • Leather strap separation

  • Watch melting into a pile of gooo from normal wear!

We’ll cover the repair fees and parts if the issue is the fault of our craftsmanship. You’ll cover the shipping costs to us and we’ll cover it on the way back to you. If you duck it up (dropped it, bumped it, took it for a swim, exposed it to extreme heat or humidity or wiped with the wrong hand etc.) we’ll assess and provide a reasonable repair cost. You’ll be responsible for all shipping fees.

Understand that you are buying a one of kind art piece. Treat it with care and don't be afraid to wear it proudly. 

**Aesthetic wear and tear not covered, we can’t control what we can’t control :)


Due to the bespoke nature of our business, there are no refunds or exchanges. We stand behind our work so if you have any issues please contact us at create@makerwatchcompany.com and we'll get in touch and make things right.