We constantly receive messages asking us to break down detailed technical steps of our making process.

We try and help where we can (for general inquires) but it's not feasible to keep up with the communications on a 1-1 basis.

The truth is...we're still learning ourselves.

Our typical response to someone looking for detailed guidance is to


If you don't start, you don't learn.

Remember, both of us collectively have the following education:

- Kinesiology (Justin) + Business Admin (Nibin)

Our craft primarily consists of:

Woodworking, material science, mechanical engineering & marketing.

If the two of us with ZERO relevant experience can figure out how to make timepieces and get them into your hands then...

The sky's the limit for YOU.

Information has never been more accessible than NOW.

For every unknown, there is GOOGLE, YOUTUBE or a GURU offering a $97 course ;)                      

JUMP IN and figure it out.

We know some of you are thinking of starting...

YouTube channel, Amazon/Etsy store, playing an instrument, baking, photography, apparel brand, investing in crypto/stock market, flipping houses, buying rental properties or a new diet/workout etc.

All you need to do is START.

You'll figure out the rest if you truly have the DESIRE TO LEARN.

If you don't have the desire that's OK.

It might be a sign that it's NOT something you should invest YOUR TIME in.

PLEASE REPLY to this email if you are thinking of starting something new.

We'd LOVE to hear what you are considering and offer any support that we can!


Justin & Nibin