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45MM Flat Case

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45MM Flat Case

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45MM Flat Case

Client Reviews

This is the coolest piece of any jewelry i've ever owned...You guys totally over delivered. I opended the package and saw the coconut and was already blown away...thanks for making kick ass watches!

Alan J (Build 190)

My vision was somewhat detailed. But these guys were so accommodating...and honestly, my Maker was above and beyond anything I had ever imagined!!!

Anne N (Build 200)

No company can match the love and hustle that goes into the creation of this masterpiece. They will keep you updated along the entire journey of the process, and really make you feel involved.

Tyrell C (Build 179)

I had a custom watch made for my father’s birthday and words cannot describe the happiness and joy (with some happy tears) that I saw on his face. All I did was describe the vision I had with a few words and Justin and Nibin both created a masterpiece!

Meryem M (Build 141)

Proud owner of not one but two (!!) Maker Watches. These guys know how to make a high quality, fairly priced and HELLA sexy watch. One of a kind for one of a kind!

Talal L (Build 20 & 132)

I found my entire process with the two of them to be professional and an absolute pleasure. To be able to take an idea in a clients head and deliver is great, but to be able to deliver above and beyond, you've got yourself a Maker.

Keith C (Build 175)

Maker Watch is far and wide so much more than a watch brand. Their watches are bar none, some of the finest pieces of craftsmanship, I've ever come across. I wear mine every day and am a proud owner of collections of theirs.

Niko P (Build 135, 168 & 186)

Saw their instagram page of their watches and immediately fell in love! One of a kind designs and all hand made. Customer service was 110%. They made sure it was delivered on time, that the customer was happy and that everything was in perfect shape.

Denis K (Build 193)

I see them on Instagram and fell in love... I will never buy a another watch from the mall again. They had me and my girlfriend to there shop and spend 2 hours with them and they're two great guys.

Jaime B (Build 185 & 216)


Off-White Nike Air Jordan 1 "Watch Case"

"I want build 223 to go with these shoes. They only thing it needs to have is your logo. The rest is up to you guys."

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