The Maker Lake Clock is the perfect piece of functional home décor for the cottage or your primary residence. 

The Fine Details: 

  • Meticulously handcrafted in our Oakville shop and finished with Rubio Monocoat oil for a premium matte finish.
  • All clocks have raised (3D) hour markers made from laser-cut 1/4" curly maple. 
  • Clock hands (hour and minute) are white or black and will by default match the hour marker color. 
  • Resin rivers are available in various colors.
  • Wood Species Available:
    • WALNUT (ALL SIZES) - Classic and rich in tone. We use live edge-off cuts in our 12" clock for an organic feel and dimensional cuts on the 24" clock for a polished look.  
    • ASH (ALL SIZES) - Light in color and weight. Ash has a distinctive grain pattern with tiny holes - think inside of an aero chocolate bar. Ash bodes well in a neutral and light aesthetic, and its secret weapon is that it takes color and engravement amazing in case you want to personalize it further. 
    • OLIVE (12" ONLY) - Olive has one of the most distinctive grain patterns and is generally dense and heavier. It really comes to life when oiled up. We use live edge olive off cuts and think this wood looks best naturally as a solid wood piece, but if you want some resin, we can make it happen. 
    • TIGER WOOD (12" ONLY) - A premium orange tone that looks beautiful when engraved. We use dimensional cuts of Tiger Wood for a polished and premium look. 
  • All clocks are ~0.75" deep
  • Weight
    • 12" - 2lbs to 5 lbs
    • 24" - 7lbs to 9 lbs
  • Movement (non silent sweep)
    • 12" powered by Japanese quartz by Seiko (Single AA battery not included)
    • 24" powered by quartz movement Made in the USA (Single AA battery not included)
  • Ships via Canada Post, USPS, or DHL and available for local pickup.

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Note: All clocks are one of a kind. We handpick each piece that we can get excited about crafting. There will be variation between photos on our site and the final product you receive.

We want to talk to you about any questions you may have. Please send us a message on Instagram or Facebook @MakerWatchCompany or shoot us an e-mail at create@makerwatchcompany.com


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