Maker Watch Company was founded in 2017 with a vision to make high quality wooden watches that tell a story. We now make watches from various materials, leather straps and wall clocks but our passion is ultimately people. Our goal is to create a remarkable experience, unlike any other in the industry. An experience that doesn't end after you get your custom timepiece. But one that pulls you back every time you look down at your wrist or at the wall in your home.

As simple as it may seem, there's a split second, a moment in time when you look glance to check the time, a moment of ultimate presence. It's that tiny moment we try to make beautiful. 

Every watch case, strap and wall clock is designed and handmade in Mississauga, Ontario. The wood used in our watches is stabilized and kiln-dried for our wall clocks to ensure durability against all our friends and neighbors who dare try to touch it. Our custom straps are made from vegetable tanned leather and built to last holding handstands or the tension of your loved one pulling on your wrist.

In the end it's your story we help bring to life in the form of functional art.


Justin & Nibin

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