Founded in 2017

We're a small company of people like you! Our product is custom watches, our passion is people! Our goal is to create a remarkable experience, unlike any other in the watch industry. An experience that doesn't end after you get your watch. But one that pulls you back every time you look down at your wrist or every time someone asks you about your Maker.

As simple as it may seem, there's a split second, a moment in time when you look down at your wrist to check the time, a moment of ultimate presence. It's that tiny moment we try to make beautiful. 

Whether you remember the watch you're wearing was custom made, you had creative control in the process, got lost in the beauty of the wood as it catches the sun...Or you find yourself utterly perplexed by the skeleton movement and all its bits and bobs…..bobbing. We couldn't be us without you, and we appreciate the absolute (bleep) out of that!

Your Friends,

Justin & Nibin

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