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Handmade Custom Leather Watch Straps Using Re-Claimed Leather - Maker Watch Co

Braided Leather Watch Strap From Build No. 1

When we first started, our leather watch straps were hand braided. We thought this would be the signature look for all Maker watches. However, the overall quality and polished finish were not at the level we needed it. 


The Introduction Straight Leather Watch Straps:

It was on build #7 when our client requested a straight leather watch strap and of course we had NO CLUE where to start!

The pressure of the client request forced us to innovate quick. The first couple of attempts were FAR from market-ready but we managed to get an MVP that we felt good enough about out to deliver to the client. Here is build #7 with our very first straight strap with embroidery:

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They don't want us making straight straps by hand.

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Ultra-Durable, All Leather Construction


Build by build, we've improved the overall durability and finish of our leather watch straps. It's been a long journey of trial and error. We discontinued the braided leather watch straps and the more traditional watch straps with the fastening loop. We strived to create a product that would last a lifetime. The braided leather watch straps were prone to coming loose, and the fastening loops on the more traditional straps loosened and eventually broke over time (how many times has this happened to you right?!).

It was not till a client showed us their deployment style watch strap that we realized this was the ideal solution for us. Although it took some time to source the right buckle, we eventually transitioned to only making leather watch straps in deployment style. Today we could not feel more confident with our leather watch straps.


Our handmade custom leather watch straps are ultra-durable and built to last. We use an in house all-leather construction technique. We start from scratch and hand-cut, skive, and stitch together a re-claimed offcut piece of leather for the externals. We then insert a piece of nubuck leather into the core to give the strap strength and long term flexibility.

We offer custom embroidery on the inside of the strap for a small fee.

The client can request their choice of leather color, and stitch color and each strap comes with a branded deployment clasp (gold or silver)





We don't have all the right fancy tools but we get the job done.


  • Leather Skiver
  • Clicker Press