Off-White Nike Air Jordan 1 "Watch Case"

Off-White Nike Air Jordan 1 "Watch Case"


Build 223 "THE STEW 1"

"I want build 223 to go with these shoes. They only thing it needs to have is your logo. The rest is up to you guys."

We studied the desgin aspects off the Nike OFF-WHITE Air Jordan 1's an encorporated a few key aspects into the custom wood and resin watch design.

1) Engraved "Watch Case" on the face to simulate "Shoe Lace" or "Air"

2) Color matched the orange and blue as best as possible, a bit tricky with resin and pressure casing but we got close.

3) Lasered the build name and a personal message in Helvetica on the outside and inside of the strap to simulate the font print on the shoes