Why Sustainable Packaging is Important for all Businesses

Why Sustainable Packaging is Important for all Businesses

The world we live in is consistently innovating with the intention of improving human life and pushing the boundaries of what we thought was possible. The creation of plastic from petroleum products was one such innovation decades ago that was meant to change the landscape for cheaper packaging that was lightweight and consumer friendly. The unfortunate and harsh truth is that the world has produced more than 9.2 billion tones of plastic since its creation, and we’ve only recycled approximately 9% of it. There is so much scientific proof that plastic packaging is not only unsustainable, but harmful to marine life and the global ecosystem.

We decided to do something about this by not only being creative with our packaging, but also helping our brand maintain a very low carbon footprint. At the beginning, we decided that all our watches would be placed inside of recycled coconut shells and shipped out in this kind of packaging. Fast forward to today, our most custom timepieces are sent out in the hallowed coconut shell and our simpler or ready-made stock watches are shipped out in sustainable, biodegradable boxes that are infused with wildflower seeds. From a business perspective, this makes sense to reduce both labor and packaging costs; but that’s not why we decided on this type of packaging.

The truth is that we recognize that we’re global citizens and the custodians of our planet. When we built this company from the ground up, we knew we had to stand out to succeed but also didn’t want to deliver a product where the majority of the packaging was going into the garbage. By using a sustainable packaging solution like a hallowed-out coconut shell, this catered to the experience AND acts as a keepsake for the customer, so it’s not thrown out. Our eco-friendly packaging solution that is infused with wildflower seeds follows the same methodology. When a customer receives a watch in our plantable packaging, there is absolutely no requirement to throw it out and even if they did, the box itself is biodegradable so it won’t harm the environment. This shift to an eco-friendly packaging solution has been met by our community with great enthusiasm; and that’s why we’re pushing to inform other brands to follow through with this trend.

Plantable Box

Plantable watch box infused with wildflower seeds. Available for ready made watches.

We say it’s a “trend” not so we can capitalize on it, but because it’s a global problem that the world is facing. It is “trendy” to care about the environment and the creatures of the world, but it’s also “trendy” to do what you can to maintain the planet for generations to come.

This is what we’re betting on.

Other global brands are blazing a trail in this regard too. For example, Adidas is making shoes entirely out of recycled plastics that not only keep plastic out of our ecosystems, but also look pretty awesome. By encouraging this kind of innovation in the packaging and recycling space, there’s so much opportunity to do more and we’re just getting started in innovating our brand to be even better.

Justin and Nibin