We're not an apparel company, but we often get told our logo looks incredible on clothing. We started off with Snapback hats and experimented with a few items based on what our community requests.

If you are not ready to purchase a watch, we've sourced some of the most stylish and comfy apparel branded with our iconic Maker tree logo.

Pairing one apparel item with a gift card is one of the ultimate gifts for anyone you know who is working hard and saving up for their watch.

6 products found in Apparel

Beanie of the Winter
  • $22.00


Comfy, Sexy, Joggers!
  • From $35.00


Not Your Dad's Hat
  • $24.00


The Last Bomber
  • From $59.00


Netflix and Crew
  • $39.00

Crew Neck

The OG Snapback
  • $35.00