Maker creator Club


An exclusive club for clients that inspire our community.

The Maker Creator Club (MCC) was created to recognize and reward our top visionary clients. These clients come up with original visions and the end result is a remarkable watch design that’s highly contagious. Their designs are so sought after that we end up doing zero active advertising or promotion - new clients simply request the same or similar style for their watch!

Member Benefits:

  • Exclusive naming (bragging) rights for your original design

  • Accrue an in house credit of $10/CAD for every watch sold that references your original design. Credit can be used on any of our products or services including apparel.

  • One time credit of up to 50% off a single future watch purchase that can be gifted or transferred to anyone.*

How to Qualify:

  • Design and order the most original watch that makes you smile with pride and joy :)

  • Once five (5) or more watches are ordered that reference your original design you’ll be notified of your qualification into MCC and an immediate $50 CAD credit will be applied to your account and accrue from there on.

* 25% off for a custom case with leather strap and 50% off for a custom case with metal strap

Our Members

Marcel Mason - “The Polar Bear”

The Polar Bear is a natural maple burl mixed in with crystal clear resin, splashes of white and grey resin with a hint of silver flakes casted by Pourcasso (DerangedDonkey)

Marcel is the type of individual that seeks uniqueness in all facets of life. From cars to jewelry, the ability to customize and create unique pieces to him are paramount to his personality.

We had our first conversation with Marcel in April of 2018. Little did we know at the time that his passion and vision for his first Maker would translate to our most successful and requested style to date. We coined this 68th build “The Polar Bear” and shipped it off to live on Marcel’s wrist in Chicago, IL