The Case

Our cases are part resin and part wood. The wood undergoes a stabilization process to make it stronger and less vulnerable to expansion and contraction due to temperature and humidity changes. It's then cast with resin and a little creative magic to make some of the most insane visions come to life. The entire process takes approximately 54 hours from start to finish when we cast in house. We generally use burl woods for this process (Maple Burl, Box Elder & Buckeye Burl) as the live edge creates the most visually appealing finished product.

A lot of our case material is sourced from Pourcasso aka Deranged Donkey. Pourcasso is a wizard when it comes to resin casting. In our opinion this shop from the Bay Area of California is at the top of the game when it comes to creating the most unique stabilized wood and resin casts. Creators alike source Pourcsso products to make pens, shift knobs, knife handles and now for the first time, watch cases!

The possibilities are limitless with our watch cases - You think it and we'll do our best to bring it to life. Let's chat further and see what's possible to build you the most unique watch case on the planet.


  • 45 MM

  • Round or flat shape

  • Offset branded crown

  • Sapphire crystal face glass

  • Screw down back case with branded exhibition window